Restoration of Interference Fields


What does alternative dentistry understand by interference fields in the oral cavity?

The focus of biological dentistry is the knowledge that the teeth are connected to the rest of the organism and thus have an effect on the overall health. Interference fields in the oral cavity are processes that affect other systems in the organism and can cause undesirable chronic changes in the long run. Holistic dentistry assumes that, for example, inflammatory processes in the jaw area are capable of causing various diseases via connections to the organs. These include rheumatism, multiple sclerosis, chronic functional disorders of other organs, cancer, autoimmune diseases and many other diseases. Frequently these interference areas are

Interference fields of the human organism

How do interference fields affect the organism and why is it worthwhile to get rid of interference fields?

Interference fields tend to activate the sympathetic nervous system. As a consequence, the body is in a state of stress and releases more of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. This in turn leads to vasoconstriction and increased blood entry into the muscles. Important functions of the immune system and the regeneration of the body are thus impeded. An overacidification of the organism is another consequence. This is where biological dentistry comes in.

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How is the interference field remediation carried out at the biological dentist?

In the biological dental office, interference fields are first detected in order to localize the underlying problem precisely. The holistic dentist implements this with the help of clinical findings and X-rays. Then, various techniques of biological dentistry are available to eliminate the interference fields. These are usually surgical techniques. An accompanying nutrient therapy is also useful to support the organism.