Ceramic Implants


Aesthetic, durable and biocompatible

It is not uncommon to have to replace your own teeth in the course of your life. Often they can be treated to preserve them at first, but at some point in time a tooth replacement is usually necessary. Some dentists recommend root canal treatment first.

However, this results in dead teeth, which as interference fields can have negative effects on health. Implants are therefore the more popular alternative in dentistry. They should be made of a neutral, biocompatible material.

Bioimplants and Biohealth

Ceramic implants offer the following advantages

Ceramic implants, which are completely without metallic components, are also called “bio-implants”. Mostly zirconium oxide is used for this type of implant. Due to its biocompatibility, this is not only gentle for the body, as there is no interaction of the metal ions with other metals in the oral cavity or with the organism itself. This also makes it an excellent choice for people with metal allergies or a tendency towards intolerance. However, ceramic implants are also an aesthetically pleasing choice: the shape and color of the ceramic implants can be individually adapted to the patient’s oral and dental situation. They are therefore the implant of choice for many dentists and patients. Even if the gums shrink over time, there is no unsightly margin between the implant and the artificial tooth.

Another advantage of ceramic implants: The adhesion of plaque and bacteria is less than with most alternatives. This also means that the risk of gum inflammation and periimplantitis, i.e. inflammation around the implant, is significantly lower.

What are the possibilities with ceramic implants?

In the long run it is better for the body to remove a diseased tooth and replace it with a biocompatible ceramic implant. If you decide to take this step, the implant can possibly be placed in one day. Your dentist will be happy to explain to you how many sessions are actually necessary. If several sessions are necessary, you will receive a temporary restoration with a resin crown, which also fully meets aesthetic requirements. There is also the possibility of replacing individual teeth or an entire set of teeth with ceramic implants. The result: a beautiful and healthy smile, without any potentially disease-causing interference fields.

Ceramic Implants