Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry for a brilliant smile

In our dental office, the health, wishes and interests of our patients are the focus of our activities. As your center for biological dentistry in Luxembourg, we and our team take enough time during every session to understand your wishes and to precisely inform you about the treatment options. This is the basis of our dental consultations and the individualized solutions for each patient.

We pursue these goals in our office for biological dentistry.

Function, comfort and beauty – these components characterize aesthetic dentistry in all its aspects today. It combines highest technical precision with well-being and a perfect appearance. The treatments in our office for biological dentistry shall meet all these requirements. We would like to offer you a medical care which combines
• the quality,
• the aesthetics and
• the health
of a modern and high-quality biological dentistry with the perspective of a gentle and natural treatment.

Regular check-ups and a systematic prophylaxis concept are of particular importance in our dental office in Luxembourg and this in order to preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible. Further focal points of our Center for Biological Dentistry in Luxembourg are ceramic implants and aesthetics.


Ceramic Implants

It is not uncommon to have to replace your own teeth in the course of your life. Often they can be treated to preserve …



Dental fillings must meet certain health and aesthetic requirements. Inlays fulfill both purposes excellently …



A bright smile with white, even teeth is for many people the epitome of beauty and health.



Sometimes a tooth is so damaged that the dentist recommends a root canal treatment.