Ozone in biological dentistry

Ozone is often used in biological dentistry to reliably disinfect open wounds in the oral cavity. The triatomic, gaseous oxygen molecule is not only effective against bacteria, but also eliminates viruses and fungi.

However, it does not attack the body’s own cells, which makes it a particularly gentle wound disinfection. Due to the good disinfection and cleaning, it is also able to accelerate wound healing.

Bio Dental Office and Ozone

When is Ozone used in the bio-dental office?

Ozone is always used profitably in the bio dental office whenever a thorough and at the same time gentle disinfection of a wound area is necessary:

It is often possible to significantly reduce the amount of antibiotics required for such dental procedures, which in turn is gentle to the patient.

How exactly does the use of ozone in bio-dentistry work?

With the help of a special device, the dentist produces ozone that can be used locally at the desired location in the oral cavity. An electrical voltage is generated at an ozone pipette, which stimulates the blood circulation in the tissue. This leads to disinfection; fungi, viruses and bacteria die. This allows the wound to heal optimally.

To achieve an even better result, biologically working dentists like to use methods such as the Choukron A-PRF™ membrane or concentrated nutrients at the same time. Let us advise you on this in our organic dental office.