Choukroun A-PRF™


When does Bio Dentistry use Choukroun A-PRF™?

The natural, biocompatible tissue created by the Choukroun A-PRF™ method is beneficial in acute and chronic oral diseases. The method is mainly used when tissue regeneration is particularly important to ensure healing, such as

Even chronically exposed dental necks, which cause subsequent complaints and diseases, can be gently covered with the body’s own membrane, which is produced by the dentist.

Tissue made from the body's own material

How exactly does the Choukroun A-PRF™ work?

In order to produce a membrane from the body’s own tissue, a small amount of blood is first taken from the patient and centrifuged. Within a quarter of an hour, this technique enables to produce a membrane that can be used for the above-mentioned purposes. It is inserted by the biological dentist at the necessary place, can close the wound there and support wound healing without causing incompatibility reactions.