How should I start?

Before being a patient of the ‘cabinet médico-dentaire Monterey’ I had had health problems for years, such as chronic fatigue, including dizziness and severe headaches. I was literally exhausted all the time which was also unusual as I was only in my late twenties.

I initially thought that the exhaustion was due to my job. Then came the lockdown and I slept more than usual, and I didn’t notice any improvement. Then I realized there must be something else.

Important to mention would also be that before being a new patient of the ‘cabinet médico-dentaire Monterey’, I was patient of a dentist for many years who did terrible work on my teeth. Then came the point where I had such severe pain in my mouth that he just suggested me to take out a tooth and do an old school bridge (where both teeth next to the one removed would have been thinly polished). And I thought ‘NO, I‘m not going to ruin 3 teeth without any clear reason.’

I decided to go to my reliable general practioner Dr. Diederich, where I had been a patient for many years and he prescribed me many tests. These showed high levels of toxic values, due to root canal treatments that I have had done many years ago and another which was done recently. As I asked my doctor for another dentist, and he suggested to go to the ‘centre médico-dentaire Monterey’.

After calling to ask for an appointment, which I got without any problem, I went there, and I had a very nice and friendly welcome.

Dr. Schwagten explained in detail what was going on with my teeth and which impact it had with my health in general. He explained why my blood levels where in such a state. He also explained that I had what is called NICO (neuralgia-inducing cavitational osteonecrosis) which is a chronic infection located in the jawbone in the areas where I got wisdom teeth removed years ago. I was impressed by all the knowledge about dental treatments Dr. Schwagten had and about taking into account the environmental component in his work philosophy. It was something totally new for me as usually in medicine just the symptoms get treated without trying to search for the reasons why the symptoms appear. I was also explained in detail which costs I had to face. All information was given in full transparency. Every one of my questions – and I had loads 🙂 – were answered very patiently.

I decided to do the treatments suggested and to take the option of doing all the treatments in a whole week, the so called ‘Biohealth week’, as I didn’t want to wait so long to get healthy again.

I had to start by taking a vitamin package 3 weeks before the actual treatment. These vitamin supplements aimed to boost and stabilize my health. Dr. Schwagten called it ‘Redbull for the body’ – which it actually was J After that started the week where I had my old cavity-fillings replaced by biological fillings by Dr. Hessmann, which were tested before to avoid any bad reaction from my body. My root canal treated teeth were removed and replaced by ceramic implants and my NICOs were treated by Dr. Schwagten as well.

After these treatments I had to do a professional detox and take chlorella as well, which is known to bind heavy metals from the body. Directly after all the treatments the dizziness and headaches were totally gone. And my energy levels returned to normal. I felt good again. I have to say that I am more than happy to have been treated in the ‘centre médico-dentaire Monterey’. I got my health back and finally felt fit again after so many years!

I am deeply thankful to Dr.Schwagten and Dr. Hessmann as well as their lovely assistants to have helped me to have my health restored again. It is a totally different work philosophy than the traditional dental treatments which simply ignore any environmental impact to our body!

The doctors Schwagten and Dr. Hessmann work with modern techniques including the implementation of vitamins and minerals. To be honest I had never heard of dentists aiming to supplement their patients with vitamins and checking vitamin D and omega levels in the blood, before doing any dental treatment – never! And over the years I have visited many dentists, so I know that many do not take a holistic approach. Dr. Schwagten and Dr. Hessmann are not just interested in treating a problem for the short term but improving your health in the long term!

The entire team is so friendly and lovely. You can really see that they are a perfectly coordinated team. It starts with the wonderful friendly secretary on the phone, and the lovely welcome of the assistants and finishes with the competent and skilled treatments and explanations of the doctors. You can really see and feel that their job is their passion!

I won’t never be able to thank them enough to have given me my health back again, but at least I can try to encourage other patients to make their way to this ‘centre’ and get the help they need.

Thanks for everything!