What lies behind the Root2Disease principle?

Every dead tooth (including root canal treated teeth) is associated with health problems. This is what the Root2Disease concept says, which plays a central role in biological dentistry. More precisely, it is based on the knowledge that rootcanal-treated teeth often pose health risks. Even with the greatest care during root canal treatment, it is almost impossible for the root canal filling to be bacteria-proof. The tooth is colonized by pathogenic bacteria that decompose the tissue and produce toxins. These in turn are able to inhibit vital enzymes that are needed for the respiratory chain, for example.

The solution: Root-treated teeth must be removed. For most patients this is the healthier alternative and can lead to a much better quality of life.

How Bio Dentistry
detects and eliminates interference fields

Root-treated teeth are therefore considered as interference fields according to the Root2Disease principle. But how does the dentist find out whether a tooth is the root of a disease?

X-ray diagnostics is a suitable method to detect these interference fields. Here the bio dentist can see whether an inflammation has formed at the level of the treated root. In addition, a small tissue sample can be examined in the laboratory for metabolic end products of the bacteria that colonize the tooth. Last but not least, the so-called test injection with procaine is a diagnostic measure to detect interference fields at the periodontium. For this purpose, the organic dentist injects a small amount of procaine near the suspected tooth.

If the tooth in question is an interference field in the sense of the Root2Disease concept, the patient usually notices changes in the physical complaints that are linked to this interference field. In order to alleviate the health impairments, the removal of the dead tooth is the only way to achieve the desired result. However, this measure is worthwhile for the patient: it is usually rewarded by being free of symptoms and a newly gained attitude to life.