Metal removal
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Metal Removal in our Dental Office

Amalgam has long been a popular material for dental fillings. Today many patients come to the dental office with the wish to be treated without the mercury-contaminated amalgam or to get rid of already existing fillings by an amalgam and/or metal removal.

However, other metals are been used frequently in dentistry as well – for example gold or metal compounds with silver alloys. The interactions of those metals with each other and with the body can result in dangerous health risks.

Metal dental fillings

What are the dangers of metal fillings?

In biological dentistry, avoiding metals that can have toxic effects on the organism is crucial. Influences such as food and drinks, saliva and mechanical action lead to the corrosion and wear out of the metals in the mouth. Metal ions are released. Their interactions – for example with fillings made of different metals or with the organism – can lead to functional disorders of the organs.

Chronic diseases can develop, including dementia, neurodermatitis and cardiovascular diseases. Last but not least, metals in the oral cavity put a strain on the immune system: the latter recognizes the metal ions as foreign bodies and produces antibodies against them, which manifests itself in allergic reactions or generally in a weakened immune system. A comprehensive detoxification can be helpful here, but is of little use in the long term if the cause of the physical complaints – namely the metal – remains in the body.

Have metals completely removed by the dentist

Bio dentistry always tries to work without metal. Already existing fillings made of amalgam, gold and co. can be eliminated in the course of a professional metal removal in the organic dentist’s office.

The principles involved for all metal removal procedures are similar to those of amalgam. This means that the focus is on the gentle removal of metals without allowing toxins to enter the body and the subsequent detoxification.

After metal removal, minor defects in the tooth substance are closed by the biologically working dentist with biocompatible filling materials. Larger defects are usually treated with metal-free crowns. The material of choice here is usually zirconium, which is very well tolerated and does not cause interactions. Following the removal of amalgam or any other metal at the organic dentist, a full detoxification of the body is recommended, so that the body can get rid of the toxins completely. Your organic dentist will be happy to advise you on this.