Inflammation of the jaw bone as a cause of various complaints

NICO stands for Neuralgia Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis. It is a chronic inflammation of the jawbone, a degenerative and inflammatory process that often develops over several years.

Often this inflammatory process in the jawbone is unnoticed for a long time. Only when the dentist opens the bone, it is recognized. In the process, it sometimes produces inflammatory substances for years, which are distributed through the blood and lymphatic system in all organs and can cause damage there.

Jawbone inflammation

NICO: What is the danger of an inflammation of the jaw bone?

NICO is a classical interference field. The inflammatory messengers that emanate from inflammatory processes in the jawbone can affect the entire body without the patient or the doctor finding the actual cause.

Frequently affected persons complain about migraine, concentration problems and tiredness, but also diseases such as rheumatism, high blood pressure as well as various pain conditions (often in the back, face or in the form of the shoulder-arm syndrome) are possible companions of a NICO.

How does the BIO dentist treat NICO?

In the biological dental office, inflammation of the jaws is usually treated surgically. Under local anesthesia, the inflamed bone areas are removed using surgical instruments and an ultrasound device.

It is very important that the wound heals completely. Biologically oriented dentistry ensures this by using, for example, disinfectant ozone and a biological membrane that is previously produced from the patient’s own blood (PRP).