Amalgam removal
biological dentistry


What is amalgam and why can it be problematic?

Dental amalgam is a mixture of metals. It consists of mercury and a silver-tin-copper alloy. The mercury can be released in the oral cavity and spread throughout the body. This is especially the case if there are other metal fillings (such as gold). The mercury is highly toxic and is potentially harmful to the nervous system and the intestines. If it damages the intestinal cell network, this can in turn promote absorption into other organs. The possible consequences range from digestive problems and fatigue to neurological complaints or joint and muscle problems.

In terms of bio dentistry, amalgam removal treatment (amalgam drainage) therefore aims to stop or prophylactically prevent the possible negative effects of the material on the organism. The biological interaction of the various materials with the human body, especially mercury, is at the forefront of this removal.

Amalgam Removal Treatment

How does the removal of amalgam work?

It is important that the organism is professionally prepared for an amalgam removal treatment. This is done with the help of a special detoxification protocol, which we perform with the product MerProtect. This contains specific phytonutrients and biomolecules, which, when taken two days before to seven days after the amalgam removal, should promote the detoxification of the body. The body is thus able to intercept and excrete undesirable substances that cannot be caught despite protective measures.

We also take on extensive protective measures during the removal of the amalgam, so that our patients are also protected from the mercury vapor that is produced during this process. One of these protective measures is the so-called “rubber dam”, a rubber cloth that protects against fine amalgam chips or other fragments. We also use the Prophy Dent gold mask on our premises, which is designed to trap mercury vapors. The process is supported by the use of a IQ Air filter and the Clean-Up suction tool. This enables the direct and reliable extraction of the mercury vapour and thus rounds off the protective measures in an optimal way. Optionally, we recommend a high-dose vitamin C, which can support the body’s own detoxification.

Also during the technical procedures of amalgam removal, the highest possible protection of the patients is ensured: In order to keep the mercury vapours low, drilling is carried out very carefully at a low speed. The affected teeth are immediately restored with a high-quality filling material or a temporary filling – depending on which option was previously agreed upon as the best solution for the respective